Wood Rodgers has extensive experience in a variety of transportation services, including design for local roads, highways, interchanges, bridges, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, and ADA accessibility improvements. Our engineers provide innovative, efficient, and high quality solutions to transportation challenges. We have successfully completed many local, state, and federally funded projects and understand each facility’s role in improving a community’s quality of life.

Aerial view of a roundabout on an empty road

Our Transportation Services Include

Freeway/Highway Design

Designs include freeway and highway widening, the addition of auxiliary lanes, drainage facilities, median improvements, and interchange improvements.

Roadway Design

Designs include interchange improvements, roadway widening, drainage system design, the improvement of pedestrian facilities, bike lanes, and ADA compliance for projects within rural and urban areas.

Traffic Modeling

Our team has expertise in safety analysis for a wide variety of transportation improvement projects. Experience includes performing Multimodal Level of Service (MMLOS) analysis, safety and collision studies, as well as implementing the Interactive Safety Design Model (IHSDM) and crash modification factors (CMFs).

Transportation Planning

We provide planning services for new roadways and improvements for existing roadways, including complete streets, bicycle and pedestrian access, as well as improved vehicular access.

Pavement Design

Create designs with asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete and structural Pavers for a wide variety of pavement conditions. Designs include AASHTO, PCA, ACI, FAA, and other methods.


4th Street / Prater Way BRT Improvement Project

Reno & Sparks, Nevada

2019 ASCE Truckee Meadows Branch Project of The Year

Wood Rodgers partnered with the RTC to develop the final design for a Bus Rapid Transit Extension Project, securing federal funding through FTA TIGER and Small Starts grants. The project aims to transform transportation in an old-town area, necessitating complex design solutions. This includes sidewalk replacements, street adjustments, and improved accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and various transport modes.

Additionally, the project focuses on designing transit stations that resonate with the area's historic charm, integrating the locality's history into the fabric of the proposed architecture. Wood Rodgers leads this endeavor, providing comprehensive transportation design, surveying, grant assistance, public outreach, and other essential services, earning recognition with the 2019 ASCE Truckee Meadows Branch Project of The Year Award.

Sullivan Lane Improvement Project

Reno, Nevada


This project consisted of 1.5-miles of improvements to Sullivan Lane, McCarran Boulevard, and El Rancho Drive. Improvements included roadway widening for the addition of bike lanes and sidewalk to meet the multimodal needs of the community and new Proctor Hug High School. In addition, three separate roundabouts, correction of localized drainage deficiencies, utility coordination and relocation, RTC bus stop replacement, retaining walls, full signal modification (Sullivan/McCarran), and a new overhead school zone flasher were included with this project.

Carlsbad Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue Roadway Improvement Project

Carlsbad, California


Wood Rodgers is responsible for the environmental clearance and final design of improvements to the along Carlsbad Boulevard, inclusive of the Tamarack Avenue intersection.  Enhancements include the additional of buffered bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and a single-lane roundabout within the intersection. The study intersection is located approximately ¾-mile south of Carlsbad Village Drive and approximately 750 feet north of Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

The City has identified the need to upgrade the corridor to improve pedestrian mobility and bus stop access, and to address narrow sidewalks and the absence of crosswalks. The roundabout would improve the flow of multi-modal traffic, increase the perceived and actual safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, and improve the aesthetics of the intersection and surrounding coastal area. Carlsbad Boulevard is bounded on the west by Carlsbad State Beach and the Pacific Ocean and on the east by a mix of residential homes, restaurants, rental properties, and businesses.