Spanning over 45 years in industry, our team not only understands geotechnical design considerations, but offers historical context that is relevant to the community. Our expertise extends to the development of design recommendations for a wide range of projects, including wells, pipelines, bridges, and residential communities throughout western Nevada and northern California.

In addition, our in-house staff has been providing materials testing and inspection services for over 35 years. Equipped with one of the largest laboratories in Northern Nevada, our lab technicians are well-versed in multiple test procedures. Our lab is certified by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and Cement, and the Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) for concrete, asphalt, and soils testing conducted in our Reno office.

Running a soil testing drill at Lake Tahoe

Our Geotechnical Services Include

Land Development

  • Residential communities, commercial structures, and industrial parks offering contemporary facilities for new technologies.
  • Services include geotechnical engineering, quality control and special inspections, and materials testing.

Materials Testing

AMRL and CCRL Certified Laboratory Testing Services, AASHTO and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) testing procedures, and quality control


  • New pavement design and rehabilitation options.
  • Services include geotechnical engineering, quality control, and materials testing.


Wildcreek High School Campus

Sparks, Nevada

Wood Rodgers provided full-service engineering support, including geotechnical engineering, for this new high school for Washoe County School District (WCSD). The project consisted of converting 84 acres of a former golf course into a 295,000 sf high school campus. The new campus includes over 42 high-tech classrooms, a 435-seat performing arts center, three gymnasiums, and state-of-the-art science labs. The new high school opened in August 2022 and is now considered a model/prototype for future high schools in the WCSD.

Edgewood Lodge and Golf Course

Stateline, Nevada

Wood Rodgers provided geotechnical services for proposed improvements to the Edgewood Golf Course facility. Plans were being considered for the development of a new lodge, construction of several casitas, an expansion to the existing lodge, and construction of a parking garage. Critical considerations included high groundwater, estimation of seasonal high ground water, and liquefaction analyses.

Our geophysical capabilities (shear wave, and primary wave) allow us to generate unique insights as to the groundwater environment and excavation potential. Wood Rodgers working closely with TRPA to comply with the off season grading exemption requirements to allow us to perform exploration activities between October and May. Our geotechnical staff brought a unique capability to the estimation of seasonal high ground water due to their understanding of local and regional geologic and geotechnical concerns.

CarMax Auto Super Store

Reno, Nevada

Wood Rodgers was selected through a competitive qualifications based process to design, permit and administer the construction of a new 10.5 acre CarMax auto dealership to be located on Reno Sparks Indian Colony land in south Reno.  The project includes the construction of three separate buildings on-site, civil improvements in support of the buildings, as well as an extensive utility network to connect them.  The project presented unique challenges as it is a redevelopment site, which required extensive coordination with numerous agencies and with the RSIC to prepare the site for development and to allow for future development on the adjoining properties.

USA Parkway

Storey County, Nevada

Wood Rodgers provided geotechnical engineering services for development of SR 439, better known as USA Parkway, which connects U.S. Route 50 in Silver Springs to Interstate 80. The project utilized Sonic drilling because it allowed for speedy and thorough exploration while ensuring the quality and quantity of the obtained samples for preliminary aggregate testing, and the recovery of samples suitable for determining mass grading and excavatability considerations. In addition to this, geophysical surveys were conducted using S and P-wave techniques. These surveys allowed for the measurement of soil velocities which can be used to calculate important soil properties like Poisson’s ratio and shear, bulk, and Young's moduli. Typically limited to laboratory testing, the acquisition of this data is particularly useful when working on critical structures like bridges and large culverts.

Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC)

Storey County, Nevada

The Tahoe Reno Industrial Center is one of the world’s largest industrial parks and is home to some of the most advanced data centers. Wood Rodgers has provided geotechnical engineering, quality control, and materials testing services for several industrial parks in this area. Excavatability is a major concern in this region; we utilize on-site observation, geophysical testing, excavators, dozers, and geotechnical and blasting drill rigs to identify reasonable excavatability characteristics to aid the earth work contractor in refining their bid. Wood Rodgers has provided electrical resistivity surveys for use in development of substations or switchyards at many of the industrial parks in the area.