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Supporting STEAM Careers

Wood Rodgers, Inc. launched the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Team Community Action Program in 2019. The Community Action Program is a way for Wood Rodgers employees to support their local communities through hands-on volunteering and financial support.

STEAM Team Consists of the Following Tiers: Volunteering, Sponsorships, and Partnerships.

Each tier provides paths for Wood Rodgers to support local students, educators, and organizations to encourage and stimulate STEAM careers.

Tier 1

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Looking for engineers and other STEAM professionals to lend a helping hand (both virtually and in-person)  with STEAM-related classroom activities, workshops, career fairs, and more? Our STEAM Team members are happy to help!

Tier 2

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If you are part of a STEM- or STEAM-related non-profit organization in need of financial support, we would love to sponsor you! Let’s work together to make STEAM more affordable and accessible for our local communities.

Tier 3

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Are you searching for long-term volunteers and sponsorships? Our Partnerships Tier offers both! We’ll work with you to create specific curriculum for your students, and provide the tools they need for success in STEAM.

Who We Have Supported


Alice Maxwell Elementary

Albert Einstein Middle School

Billinghurst Middle School

Buchnan Elementary School

Cameron Ranch Elementary

Chilton Middle School

City of Sacrament School District

Damonte Ranch High School

Doral Academy

Depoli Middle School

Double Diamond Elementary

El Camino High School

Galena High School

Howard A. Wasden Elementary

Innovation High School

Kenneth Divich Elementary

Lewis E. Rowe Elementary

Lied STEM Academey

Lomie G. Heard Elementary

Marce Herz Middle School

Monte Vista Elementary School

Mountainview Montessori School

Newman Elementary School

Oak Ridge Elementary School

Orchard Ranch Elementary School

Patrick Henry High School

Piedmont Hills High School

Reno High School

Roger Gehring Elementary School

Sky Ranch Middle School

Sparks High School

Sparks Middle School

Sunrise Mountain High School

Swope Middle School

Turner Elementary School

Washington Middle School

West Campus High School

Wooster High School





Big Brother Big Sisters of Northern Nevada

Boys & Girls Club

Dykes with Drills


Girl Scouts

Junior Achievement of N. California

Lilliput Children Services

N. Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation

Norther Nevada Math Club

Northern Nevada Reading Paws

Nevada Military Alliance

Nevada Womens Fund

Our Healing Forest

PBS Reno

Project Lifelong

PRO Youth and Familes, Inc.

Ronald McDonald House

San Joaquin Engineers Council

Sierra Nevada Journeys

Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association

Society of Women Engineers

Urban Roots

WTS San Diego


Career Quest


Dreams for Schools

Girls in Stem Camp

Grace Project


Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Sandcastle Classic

Science is Elementary

S.H.E. Leads

STARBASE Sacramento

Stonewall Foundation

You Can Go To College

What We Have Heard

Thank you so much! I am the STEM for an entire elementary school and I am forever grateful for generous people like you! I have 300 of the most amazing future scientists and engineers you will ever meet! I teach everyone from the Kindergarten classes to the 5th graders and they all show a love for STEM! Because of you, my students are able to learn about electronic systems! I can not tell you how excited they were when I opened the boxes and showed them what you gave to our class! We haven't completed the robots yet but, they will be done very soon! Thanks again for choosing my students!

-Ms. Waddell, Kermit Booker Senior Elementary School

Las Vegas, NV

I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Through your partnership and support I will be able to carry out fun, engaging and collaborative projects through these 3D pens. I am excited to see what our steam students can do and their creativity come to life. Thank you so much!

-Mr. Ellis, Badger Springs Middle School

Moreno Valley, CA

I am SOOO excited to have been given this opportunity and it is all because of YOUR generosity! Thank you. I cannot wait to tell my students that they will actually get to learn how to use a real working microscope! Excited to see what my students will learn and how their curiosity will grow. This is what makes teaching amazing...fostering growth and the love of learning. Your generosity will teach my kids how important it is to be kind and helpful...just like you. Thank you for choosing us...we are VERY GRATEFUL!

-Mrs. Coleman, Macy Elementary School

La Habra, CA

Thank you so much for your amazing donation to my STEM lab. We will use these materials to infuse art into our curriculum and take our projects to higher level of interest. I can’t wait to introduce my students to the new materials you so generously donated. I can’t thank you enough!

-Mr. Dorman, Yvonne Shaw Middle School

Sparks, NV

Thank you so very much for your generosity! The positivity you have shared will elevate the learning experience of our science classroom in many ways, on many days, for students from all walks of life. Passing knowledge to the next generation will ensure that innovation spreads in our community . Your gifts will go a long way to develop the skills that students need to be successful in the community. Thank you for all of your support!

-Mr. Evans, Sunrise Mountain High School

Las Vegas, NV

We would like to thank you, the entire Wood Rodger’s team, and the many volunteers for making Innovation Day an engaging, relative, and purposeful event for our students. During and post-event we received positive feedback from those who participated! We are extremely grateful for your amazing partnership and truly appreciate your companies willingness to invest in our future workforce. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!

-Washoe County School District CTE Office

Washoe County, NV

Today was sooo fun! Thank you so much for having us and supporting our scholarship program.

-Ronald McDonald House of Northern Nevada

On behalf of the Patribots Robotics Team of Patrick Henry High School, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your generous contributions to our team. Your support enables our members to gain valuable hands-on experience in a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, as well as in business applications, through collaborative innovation. Your participation in our team helps fulfill the promise of tomorrow’s engineers and programmers.

-Emily Hager, Patribots President

San Diego, CA

I am so very grateful for your generous donation. You have contributed in a way that will help our students get hands-on experience with the fundamental principals of engineering and design. They are already looking forward to building with the K'Nex kits. Thank you for investing in the future of our learners, community and country.

-Mrs. Lostaunau, Taft Elementary School

Santa Ana, CA