Challenge Rules

Build Bonds

An Employee-Centric Approach to Culture

At Wood Rodgers, we prioritize an employee-centric culture that emphasizes work-life balance, family-friendliness, collaboration, and well-being. By fostering a laid-back atmosphere that encourages employees to prioritize their personal lives, we aim to create a tight-knit community where everyone feels valued. Employees are more productive and contribute to our overall success when they are happy, engaged, and supported in both their professional and personal endeavors.

Employees in a family setting, holding a small dog and baby, smiling
Wood Rodgers Survivor Competition Event Winners, 2022: Teal Team Six.
Wood Rodgers Survivor Competition Event (2022) Winners: Teal Team Six.

A Culture Unlike Any Other Company

We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, and we strive to make all employees feel appreciated for their contributions, big or small. Ultimately, our goal is to have a family-friendly environment where our employees can thrive in their careers while enjoying a positive work-life balance.

We Are Innovation Incubators

We celebrate our "intrapreneurs." Intrapreneurs are employees who are given the freedom and resources to innovate, experiment, and take risks in order to drive business growth and create value for Wood Rodgers. This approach encourages employees to think creatively, take ownership of their work, and push boundaries to come up with new and innovative ideas. Intrapreneurship can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and loyalty among employees, as well as improved productivity and profitability for Wood Rodgers.

Wood Rodgers Survivor Competition:  Lego race challenge
Company President Mark Rodgers with his arm around an employee, smiling

Promoting Mentorship

At Wood Rodgers, we believe in the power of mentorship to help our employees develop and grow their skills. Our mentorship program is open to anyone who wants to share their expertise and help others succeed. As a mentor, you'll have the opportunity to guide and support employees as they work to improve their skills and reach their goals. Our program is designed to foster a collaborative learning environment, where mentors and mentees can work together to build meaningful relationships and achieve their full potential. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our mentorship program is the perfect way to give back and make a real impact in the lives of others.