Design specialists bring a broad range of expertise in seismic retrofit, building design, bridges, transportation structures, pump stations, water treatment plants, culverts, channels, bulkhead walls, and infrastructure projects including the full range of retaining wall systems. The goal, as always is to create innovative designs to meet client objectives with economical results.


Provide complete structural design and construction support services for public and private clients. Project types include multi-story commercial buildings, school and church buildings, industrial facilities and retrofit of structural systems. Click here for more building info.


Provide complete structural design services and construction coordination through project completion for public and private clients. Project types include utility buildings, pump stations, water treatment plants, culverts and headwalls, channels, bulkhead walls, and special foundation systems. Click here for more hydraulic structures info.


Services include rehabilitation of aging infrastructure, seismic retrofitting of deficient structures, widenings for increased capacity, staged removal and construction, constrained right-of-way or access, and new or replacement structures.

Analysis and design, development of contract documents (plans, specifications/special provisions, and estimates), and construction engineering support for the full spectrum of structure types, including prefabricated, cast-in-place, and precast bridging structures utilizing conventional reinforced concrete, precast/prestressed/post-tensioned concrete, and structural steel members. Substructure and foundation designs include single piers and multi-column bents, Type I and II pile extensions, standard spread footings, small and large diameter cast-in-drilled hole piles, driven precast concrete piles, driven HP-shape and pipe piles, and large diameter cast-in-steel-shell piles.


Develop and design buried steel and concrete closed-cell culverts and cast-in-place and prefabricated three-sided or bottomless arch culverts. Vast experience with a wide range of earth retaining structures, covering standard cast-in-place reinforced concrete cantilever walls, sheet pile and soldier pile walls with or without tiebacks, walers, soil nail and tieback wall systems with architectural facing, mechanically stabilized earth systems, rigid and flexible gravity walls with or without an integral soil reinforcement matrix, secant pile and tangent pile walls, and cement-soil mix walls. Design and integration of appurtenant connection facilities such as aerial ramps, buried tunnels, and guideways and stairways.

Natomas Corporate Center, Sacramento, CA

Project Case Study



Wood Rodgers, Inc. provided structural design and construction support services for this 3-story, Class A, office building. Wood Rodgers Structures designed all aspects of this building from the pier foundation to the roof beams. The building includes concrete tilt-up walls with an interior structural steel frame and concrete-filled metal deck floor system, supported on cast-in place piles. Features included an entry canopy and a large architectural curved window wall, that was also designed by Wood Rodgers Structures. The building was modeled with 3D structural analysis software providing a complete analysis design of all the gravity and lateral members. Analysis results were then exported into Revit BIM software to create the final design documents. Wood Rodgers was able to support the architect’s aesthetic vison while also achieving a high standard of safety through this project.