Wood Rodgers is Excited to Announce our move from San Dimas to Orange County!

Wood Rodgers Orange Office | 606 E. Chapman Ave, Suite 200, Orange, CA 92866

Our new office has many upgraded amenities and additional office space to better serve our clients and accommodate our growing staff. Centrally located in downtown Orange near local business establishments, our new office provides our staff the opportunity to support and enjoy the local community. With the additional of space, Wood Rodgers can further expand our professional service offerings throughout the southern California region.

Wood Rodgers first established an office in southern California in 2015. As staff grew and the demand for our hydrogeology, water resources, and water supply services grew, we expanded our presence into San Diego. With our steady and continued growth, Wood Rodgers required more space for our team members, and we are thrilled to have this new office in Orange to call home!

Wood Rodgers' Orange Office Team
Our Wood Rodgers Orange Office Team (l-r) Eros Bilyeau, Josh Sobolew, Jazmine Titular-Mason, Hector Fernandez, and Andrew Kieta. Not pictured is Michelle Harb, who is out on a project site.

Come visit us at the new location at 606 E. Chapman Ave, Suite 200, Orange, CA 92866 or contact us!

We would love to give you a personal tour!

Teambuilding at its BEST!

There is never a dull moment at Wood Rodgers, Inc.!

On Friday, October 14th, Wood Rodgers closed our offices down so that all employees could enjoy a day of fun, bonding, and laughter. Employees traveled from all our office regions in San Diego, San Dimas, Oakland, Pleasanton, Roseville, Reno, and Nevada to our corporate location in Sacramento, CA for a full day of team-building events and competition.

Teams were formed and a stipend provided to each team to purchase all the necessary items each team needed for their props for creative and unique introductions as each team marched onto the field to intimidate and rattle the opposing teams. Each team carefully planned their introductions and performances, along with designing custom t-shirt with logos that best represented the teams. Collaboration and planning began months before the event to plan the best introductions and approach in crushing the competition.

At the end of the day, a team was crowned winners as well as acknowledgements for teams that had the best introduction performances! This makes for great smack-talking and friendly chastising for the rest of the year!

Mark-a-Palooza Winners


In addition to a fun event, Wood Rodgers presented Co-founder and CEO, Mark Rodgers, with a custom golf cart in recognition of his past and continued service to our firm. He is truly one of the most admirable CEO’s that Wood Rodgers could ask for and so appreciative of everything he has created and work so hard to sustain.

Surprise Gift for Mark Rodgers

“One of Mark Rodger’s most endearing qualities is his humility. While many other CEOs have experienced success and growth, Mark has done so while being the same humble, approachable individual working from a Sacramento home in 1997. This humility brings out the best in Wood Rodgers’ employees and inspires the work we do. Moreover, it sets a tone for the culture that permeates everything that is Wood Rodgers,” stated Bryan Gant, Principal.

Planning it all…

This could not have happened without the hard work of Amber Harmon, Kevin O’Hagan, and Derah Anderson our AMAZING Facilities Management Team in the planning and coordination of this great event!  This would not have happened without our awesome Facilities Management Crew that includes Kevin O’Hagan, Beau Katolin, Buck Mercer, Stephanie Taylor, Sara Valdez, and Trey Powell. Thank you and all employees in making this one of the most memorable events for our 25th anniversary this year!

Derah Anderson, Kevin O’Hagan, and Amber Harmon

“I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate 25 years in business and our amazing Founder with a fun day at Mark-a-Palooza!  Seeing the talents and creativity of our people competing in a variety of events and crowning an overall winner was pretty cool. I’m already looking forward to the next time we can bring the entire company together for more fun and games,” as stated by Mark Rayback, President.

Cold Stream Roundabout Project Constructed

Cold Stream Roundabout Project
Cold Stream Roundabout Project Located in Truckee, CA

This project is located at the intersection of I-80/Donner Pass Road and Cold Stream Road. The existing stop-controlled intersection consisted of short on- and off- hook ramps intersecting with Donner Pass Road and Cold Stream Road that would no longer be able to accommodate traffic through the intersection for the planned housing development on Cold Stream Road.

A traffic analysis and Intersection Control Evaluation was performed, and it was determined that a roundabout would provide the best solution to accommodate the anticipated traffic demands.

During the planning and designing phases of the project, Wood Rodgers, Inc. took careful consideration for the challenges that came from the site terrain, including environmentally sensitive areas and Donner Creek immediately adjacent to the intersection. Additional considerations included the need for the roundabout design to allow for the ability to operate in snow conditions and allow for easy snow removal.

Wood Rodgers was able to provide professional engineering services that was necessary for the preparation of Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) this project. Wood Rodgers provided the design of underground utilities for existing overhead utilities, roadway drainage design and stormwater quality support, geotechnical field exploration and studies, PS&E design for the roundabout, development of a full standard roundabout meeting Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) design guide and standards, permitting, and bid and construction support. The project also included Caltrans coordination, Town of Truckee coordination, encroachment permitting, and Permit Engineering Evaluation Report (PEER) process.

Wood Rodgers STEAM Team organized the Gaining STEAM Event that included a week-long activity to raise money for local charities. Employees from all offices participated by logging the number of miles they walked, ran, and biked. Here are the results of the event!

Companywide Total = 1,491.31 miles

Companywide Donated = $13,000

Below are the individual stats by offices and amount raised for the local charities in their regions.

Tony Alvarado, John Nicolaus, Gregory Garrison, Jim Fletter, Tina Cooper, Megan Kurtz, and Monica Cedeno
Sacramento |Tony Alvarado (22.76 mi.), John Nicolaus (4.2 mi), Gregory Garrison (16.6 mi.), Jim Fletter (12.01 mi.), Tina Cooper (1.35 mi.), Megan Kurtz (10.44 mi.), and Monica Cedeno (23.5 mi.)

Sacramento Office | $5,000 Raised

Total Miles = 485.17 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 18.0 miles

Top Ranking Participants | Caitlin McHugh (120.54 mi.) + Brian Geiszler (67.75 mi.) + Hanalei Pruter (27.85 mi.)

Shawnee Dunagan, Steven Barrow, and Greg Saunders
Reno | Shawnee Dunagan (50.12 mi), Steven Barrow (107.47 mi.), and Greg Saunders (60.15 mi.)

Reno Office | $2,500 Raised

Total Miles = 450.58 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 25.0 miles

Top Ranking Participants | Steven Barrow (107.47 mi.) + Greg Sanders (60.15 mi.) + Dean Schultz (57.17 mi.) + Shawnee Dunagan (50.12 mi)

Karl Meier
San Diego | Karl Meier (60.02 mi.)

San Diego Office | $1,500 Raised

Total Miles = 299.77 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 30.0 miles

Top Ranking Participants | Karl Meier (60.02 mi.) + Alia Meier (59.3 mi.) + Andrew Thies (47.81 mi.)

Oakland + Pleasanton (Bay Area) Offices | $700 Raised

Total Miles = 133.2 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 8.9 miles

Top Ranking Participants | Kevin Qualiardi (22.0 mi.) + Jeremiah McMahon (15.0 mi.) + Miranda Young (12.6 mi.)

Scott Rickert, Lorenzo Sanchez, and Dylan Yoro.
Las Vegas | Scott Rickert (23.03 mi), Lorenzo Sanchez (65.9 mi.), and Dylan Yoro.

Las Vegas Office | $500 Raised

Total Miles = 95.72 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 31.9 miles

Top Ranking Participants | Lorenzo Sanchez (65.9 mi.) + Scott Rickert (23.03 mi.) + Jesse Patchett (6.78 mi.)

Jason Reed
Roseville | Jason Reed (15.4 mi)

Roseville Office | $2,300 Raised

Total Miles = 15.44 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 15.4 miles

Top Ranking Participant | Jason Reed (15.4 mi.)

Josh Sobolew
San Dimas | Josh Sobolew (10.93 mi)

San Dimas Office | $500 Raised

Total Miles = 11.4 miles

Ave. Miles/Person = 5.7 miles

Top Ranking Participant | Josh Sobolew (10.93 mi.)

We want to thank all participants and further congratulate our overall winner that logged the most miles, Caitlin McHugh with 120.54 miles!

Caitlin McHugh
Out monitoring drilling at a project site, our overall winner, Caitlin McHugh, logging 120.54 miles

Wood Rodgers Donates $5,000 to Blessings in a Backpack

Wood Rodgers STEAM Team and Blessings in a BackPack Organization
Wood Rodgers STEAM Team members Carley Stephens, Maribel Arellano, John Nicolaus, Megan Kurtz, Jeff Carpenter, JD Davies (Blessings in a Backpack), Rickey Davies (Blessings in a Backpack), and Matt Spokely.

Wood Rodgers’ community action program, the STEAM Team, provides an opportunity for employees involvement in local organizations that encourage STEAM-related programs that support student education with a focus in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

How EVERYONE Benefits!

Combining two events into one, Wood Rodgers is not only able to provide extra cash for employees, but the community as well!

Wood Rodgers hosts a monthly, cash wheel, spin for all employees who are celebrating their anniversaries. Depending on the number of years you have been with Wood Rodgers, there is also a multiplier. So, the longer you are at Wood Rodgers, the more opportunities to win more cash for the employee!

In addition, throughout the year, Wood Rodgers STEAM Team will select local organizations to match the amount an employee spins on the anniversary cash wheel. This past week, Wood Rodgers STEAM Team selected Blessings in a Backpack – Ranch Cordova.

Matt Spokely (Vice President of Wood Rodgers) and Rickey Davies from Blessings in a Backpack thanking Wood Rodgers and describing the organization,
Matt Spokely (Vice President, Wood Rodgers) and Rickey Davies from Blessings in a Backpack.

This local organization was selected so that Wood Rodgers could be a part of an amazing program that helps children who are experiencing food insecurities in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, San Juan Unified School District, and the Sacramento City Unified School District. The program provides food for the weekend to help supplement the days where they would not be receiving food during the school days.

With less for children to worry about, the better their outcomes can be.

Follow us @woodrodgersinc to learn more about our community action program and the organizations we support.

Wood Rodgers was at the ribbon cutting event that was hosted by Caltrans for the Browns Valley Roadway Improvement and Bridge Replacement Project. Wood Rodgers was excited to see all of the hard work and the wonderful collaboration with Caltrans District 3 staff for the completion of this project that we are so proud of!

Image with speakers and participants in the Ribbon Cutting Event for Browns Valley Project
Ribbon Cutting Event for Browns Valley Project

Wood Rodgers completed both the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) and Plans, Specification, and Estimate (PS&E) design phases for the widening and realignment of 4.5 miles of State Route 20 in Yuba County between Marysville Road to the Yuba River Bridge (PM 13.3/R17.8).

This State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) project featured:

  • A new Dry Creek Bridge.
  • Horizontal and vertical realignment to improve stopping sight distances.
  • Widening of Route 20 to provide standard 8 ft shoulder
  • Upgrading all existing Metal Beam Guard Railing to Midwest Guard Rails
  • Drainage extensions and new drainage facilities
  • Removal all existing utilities within the Clear Recovery Zone, and highway lighting.

Wood Rodgers also got to demonstrate our flexibility and ability to adapt to project changes during the PA&ED phase, by incorporating additional improvements without any impacts to the project schedule or significant budget impacts. This was also largely due to the collaboration with the amazing staff at Caltrans and Yuba County.

The additional improvements include two way left turn lanes, right turn lanes, truck climbing lanes, local road improvements.

Photo of Browns Valley Roadway Improvement
Browns Valley Roadway Improvement and Bridge Replacement Project


Image of the new Dry Creek Bridge
Dry Creek Bridge


Image of the wildlife undercrossing
Browns Valley Wildlife Undercrossing

Wood Rodgers is proud to be a part of this project in improving roadways and safety in our region.

“Our continued partnership with Caltrans has allowed us to be a part of some amazing projects. The SR 20 Browns Valley project is another example of that. Thanks to Caltrans for your continued trust in the wood Rodgers team.”, stated Mark Rayback.

A Wood Rodgers project located in City of Rancho Cordova Government for NorthPoint Development recently kicked off! The 1.4 million square foot Rancho Cordova Logistics Center is the largest industrial development in the area in over a decade!

Read more about the project in the Sacramento Business Journal:

Our Sacramento office celebrated July and August Employee Anniversaries last week! Between getting our employees some much deserved cash, we also raised $11,390 for Aging UP through our STEAM Team match!

Learn More About Our STEAM Team at

Our Reno office celebrated July and August Employee Anniversaries last week! Between getting our employees some much deserved cash, we also raised $6,555 for Reno High School’s JROTC Robotics Team!

We at Wood Rodgers are lucky enough to have some of the best interns in the business! We want to thank all of our interns for the work that they do!

Andrew Tobia – Sacramento

Brigida Rovarino – Reno

Carson Humes – Reno

Cole Chilson – Reno

Dawn Nguyen – Sacramento

Esther Li – Sacramento

Jared Sanchez – Las Vegas

Joshua Kim – Sacramento

Lindsey Mattice – Reno

Megan Rayback – Roseville

Rachel Skots – Roseville

Ryan Carpenter – Sacramento

Timothy Saucerman – San Diego