By now you should be getting the idea that things are different around here, and the people who choose to work here, are too. Rebels. Renegades. Zaggers. We kinda like one another. Not only do we enjoy working together, we like hanging out as well!


Whether you’re an entry level candidate or experienced professional, Wood Rodgers wants to hear from you. Wood Rodgers employees work on cutting-edge problems with skilled professionals from all corners of the engineering industry. If you are driven to uncover new and exciting solutions, Wood Rodgers is the place for you.


When you join the Wood Rodgers team, you join a family. From annual events to spontaneous get-togethers, we’re always up to something fun. It’s no wonder that Wood Rodgers is consistently ranked by our employees as one of the Best Places to Work! Check out our social media for up-to-date happenings in all of our office locations.


We believe in taking care of our employees and their families. Customize what works for you! Choose from a variety of options that we have.

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