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Al Tahoe Erosion Control

Al Tahoe Erosion Control Project

     Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Best-in-the-Basin Award for 2010
The Al Tahoe Erosion Control project encompasses erosion control and water quality improvements for a large neighborhood directly on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The work consists of planning, design and all support services including surveying, right-of-way requirements, hydrology, hydraulics, revegetation evaluations, natural and cultural resource studies, geotechnical engineering and groundwater studies, public outreach, and environmental documentation and permitting support. Unique design features include a pilot demonstration area which includes three different porous pavement types. Water quality benefits have been analyzed using the Pollutant Load Reduction Model (PLRM). This Project was awarded a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Best in-the-Basin Award for Water Quality (2010).

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