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North Douglas Tank and Booster Pump Station

North Douglas Tank and Booster Pump Station

Sacramento County Water Agency


Wood Rodgers developed plans, specifications and cost estimates for the SCWA’s domestic water storage and pumping facility. The project is sited on a 3-acre parcel within the North Douglas development and functions as an integral component of the SCWA’s overall water supply and distribution infrastructure, and primarily serves as an in-line boosting facility for delivering treated water to customers. The Project provides storage and maintains distribution system supply and pressurization in accordance with SCWA’s service pressure criteria.

Wood Rodgers coordinated with SCWA and Lennar Communities to design and develop construction documents for the project within an aggressive 9-month delivery schedule from concept to advertisement. The North Douglas Project consists of two 1.5-million gallon, ground level, welded steel water storage reservoirs; a 13,000 gpm booster pump station comprised of seven can-type, submersible vertical turbine pumps; yard piping and valving; surge suppression and chemical feed systems; a multi-compartment central control building and auxiliary generator; and landscaping. Engineering and design involved civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, hydraulic, process, electrical, cathodic protection, acoustic, and landscaping design processes. The project was completed on time and within budget.

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