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Washoe County DWR

Washoe County Department of Water Resources (DWR), Hydrogeologic Service

“Washoe County is quite satisfied with the detailed program Wood Rodgers put together and its rationale. It has been implemented and has shown benefits already. Wood Rodgers scope of work was completed on time and on budget “ – Michael Widmer, Senior Hydrogeologist – Washoe County Department of Water Resources
Washoe County DWR operates 44 municipal water supply wells in Washoe County, Nevada. Wood Rodgers developed semi-annual well and pump preventative maintenance procedures for Washoe County DWR. The procedures are designed to assess the well field performance over time, and include testing well yield, sand production, basin conditions, pump performance, and overall pumping plant efficiency. The data from this well testing program is being used to develop a plan for when wells receive inspections, maintenance, well rehabilitation, or pump repairs/replacement.

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