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Colusa & Sutter Counties

Groundwater Management Plans

Location: Colusa & Sutter County, California

“…this is an outstanding and timely compilation of groundwater data and other technical info and you and your team have done tons of very good work here. I congratulate you and your team on this (Sutter County GMP) report!” -Christopher L. Bonds, PG, CHG Chief, Geology and Groundwater Investigations Section

Colusa & Sutter County, California

Wood Rodgers prepared County-wide Groundwater Management Plans (GMPs) for Colusa County in 2008 and Sutter County in 2012. These GMPs included hydrogeologic characterization followed by the preparation of Basin Management Objectives through extensive public outreach programs to gain stakeholder and public concurrence on critical issues related to groundwater. Each of these reports included three-dimensional assessments of water quality constituents of concern, groundwater elevation changes over time, maps depicting the direction of groundwater flow, identification of groundwater recharge areas, and a summary of the current groundwater conditions.

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