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City of Galt

City of Galt, Hydrogeologic Services

Location Galt, California
The City of Galt uses groundwater exclusively for their municipal water supply. Wood Rodgers provided the City with well rehabilitation services and was subsequently retained to assess two potential new well sites. As part of preliminary hydrogeologic assessment, Wood Rodgers reviewed oil and gas well log data from the 1960’s and identified a deep fresh water aquifer unit between 1,300 and 1,700 feet below ground surface, much deeper than existing City wells. Wood Rodgers correlated this aquifer with aquifers completed in Elk Grove, California (approximately 8 miles north of the City) which contained good quality water with low arsenic concentrations. Wood Rodgers subsequently recommended exploration into this deep aquifer because of the potential for obtaining groundwater that would not require treatment. Wood Rodgers assessed the deep aquifer unit, to a depth of 1,700 feet, with exploration drilling and monitoring well construction at two locations within the City. The water quality in the deep aquifer was favorable at both locations, with very low concentrations of arsenic, manganese, and total dissolved solids. Based on this data, Wood Rodgers designed the Golden Heights Well 3 (Well 3) and provided construction support services. Well 3 was developed to flow rates over 2,800 gpm and is being equipped to supply 1,750 gpm of water that meets all drinking water standards, saving the City over $1,000,000 in treatment costs. Well 3 is the only City well that does not require water treatment, and the water quality is so good that it is also used to blend with another City well to avoid arsenic removal treatment for the second well.

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