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City of Sacramento, Hydrogeological Services

“I would like to commend Wood Rodgers for the excellent job … Your strong theoretical and practical applied knowledge of wells, local hydrogeology, and water quality; excellent communication abilities; cost efficient and effective information collection and evaluation; and well written and organized report preparation produced a successful, high quality evaluation. We appreciate your efforts and “can do” approach to customer service.” – Elissa Callman, Senior Engineer
Wood Rodgers prepared a comprehensive hydrogeologic report supporting the City of Sacramento’s (City) 2010 Water Master Plan Update. This report included detail geologic and groundwater quality cross-sections and an assessment of the current groundwater conditions beneath the City. This report includes a ranking of twelve potential wells site and guidelines for well exploration and well designs to meet the City’s long-term groundwater development objectives.

Previously, in 2007 Wood Rodgers prepared a groundwater representative monitoring program for the City for the US EPA’s unregulated contaminant monitoring regulation (UCMR). This report included preparing a conceptual geologic cross-section, evaluating well construction details, reviewing land use and potentially contaminating activities, comparing water quality among the City’s wells, and grouping the wells according to similar water quality and contaminant vulnerability. The monitoring program concluded that the City could sample 17 of its 33 active wells and achieve compliance with the UCMR requirements. The program was completed under budget, and US EPA accepted it without any revisions. The City will recoup the entire cost of preparing the program through savings from laboratory analysis from the first round of sampling. The City should expect a cost savings of $30,000 to $50,000 for each additional future sampling event.

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