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City of Davis, Hydrogeologic Services

“Wood Rodgers provided the City of Davis with hydrogeologic expertise that was greatly needed. Wood Rodgers’ lead hydrologist not only brings expertise and professionalism to the job, but a sincere caring about the end result and obtaining the best value for us. We are looking forward to continue working with Wood Rodgers … as our consultant. “ – Dianna Jensen, City of Davis
Wood Rodgers has provided the City of Davis (City) with hydrogeologic consulting services since 2008. These services have included site exploration, monitoring well and production well design, well rehabilitation, and water quality assessments. In 2009, the City of Davis selected Wood Rodgers as the top choice to provide on-call hydrogeologic consulting support services through a competitive SOQ process.

Wood Rodgers prepared the well design, plans, specifications, and construction support services for the City’s Well 34. Well 34 is 1,655-feet deep with 18-inch diameter casing and stainless steel well screens. The methods and materials specified, in conjunction with our well construction services, resulted in Well 34 becoming the highest capacity deep aquifer well in the City’s well field. This project was completed on time and under budget.

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