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Tuolumne County Regional Travel Demand Model Update

Location Tuolumne County, California
Location: Tuolumne County, California
Wood Rodgers assisted Tuolumne County with the update and recalibration of the TransCAD-based Regional Travel Demand Forecast model, as part of their 2015 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update. The model update undertaken by Wood Rodgers involved creation of milestone models for years 2030 and 2040 that are based on future land use projections developed by the County Planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division using the UPlan land use forecasting tool. The model included a newly created mode-choice model subcomponent, and the updated model will be utilized to develop Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) estimates for evaluation of performance measures associated the County’s Regional Blueprint Planning alternatives. As part of the Tuolumne Tomorrow Regional Blueprint planning initiative, County staff developed a base case alternative (“Recent Trends”) as well as two alternative growth scenarios referred to as “Public Facilities” and “Distinctive Communities” that were evaluated by Wood Rodgers for VMT, average trip lengths and system-wide intersection and roadway Level of Service (LOS) using the updated travel demand model.

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