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City of Lincoln Safe Routes to School


City of Lincoln Safe Routes to School

Location: Lincoln, California

Lincoln, California

Access was improved to four different schools; Lincoln High School, Phoenix High School, Glen Edwards Middle School, and First Street Elementary School. The site was in an older area of the City that was largely developed around the railroad expansion in the early 1900’s. Even as development continued in the area, the grid-type street pattern remained and pedestrian facilities were largely not considered, and accessibility standards were not in place. As such, the area offers minimal pedestrian facilities, and mostly requires use of the street. In addition, many property owners have landscaped, or developed improvements up to the street which creates further challenges when trying to improve pedestrian opportunities. Wood Rodgers used innovative “bulb-out” and retaining wall solutions to install many the required pedestrian facilities. These solutions required outreach to local residences and impacted property owners, as well as design considerations to accommodate roadway drainage while minimizing impacts to existing facilities.