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The Arboretum

The Arboretum Specific Plan

Location Rancho Cordova, California Client Lewis Planned Communities Size 1,355 acres 5,000 dwelling units Features Commercial property, schools, parks and open space, wetland preserve areas
This plan area is situated south of the Sunrise-Douglas Community Plan area and proposes a diverse mix of distinct housing types oriented around a large Arboretum/enhanced Laguna Creek Corridor and existing Blodgett Reservoir. The project is designed with energy efficient sustainable design concepts to develop an innovative and “green” community that integrates LEED and LID standards. The plan also includes the provision of an energy efficient planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line extension through the property. These factors, among others, dictated a “Smart Growth” land plan utilizing the Sacramento regions’ “Blueprint Principles” for design which geared the land plan to provide land-efficient compact development and residential densities and support commercial uses to compliment the surrounding Rancho Cordova area job base.

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