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Marlette-Hobart Water System

Marlette-Hobart Water System

This Nevada State Public Works Board project consisted of the installation of approximately 7,500 total lineal feet of both 12-inch ductile iron restraint joint system raw water pipe with above grade stanchion pipe supports and 12-inch PVC transmission line from Marlette Lake to Hobart Reservoir including approximately 8,000 lineal feet of electrical and fiber optic cable conduit (raceway) and pull box.

This phase of the project also included the drilling of a 50-foot deep borehole for the installation of a steel pump can (caisson) in preparation for the Package B pickup pipe (snorkel tube) being installed in Marlette Lake including the construction of a generator building and pump house structure. Blasting was required to install approximately 165 lineal feet of buried casing through a rock formation. Portions of the transmission pipe were installed through a Stream Environment Zone (SEZ), which is the sensitive habitat area for the Mountain Beaver and included temporary and permanent Best Management Practices (BMP) and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Wood Rodgers worked closely with entities including the Nevada Division of Wildlife, Nevada Division of State Lands, Nevada Division of State Parks, Nevada Division of Building and Grounds and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.Our responsibilities included construction management/administration, construction inspection and testing, laboratory testing, and project management. We were also responsible for project permitting and assessing project compliance with environmental documents issued by various agencies.

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