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Ballardini Ranch Trailhead

Ballardini Ranch Trailhead Project

Location: Washoe County, Nevada
Location: Washoe County, Nevada

This County and federally funded project consists of access roads, parking, comfort stations, and two trail loops totaling 2.5 miles within the proposed County parcel, situated in the foothills west of the City of Reno. The project was part of a County land acquisition and involves many design constraints tied to the purchase agreement with previous and current adjacent owners. This Trailhead Project will eventually connect to larger existing trail systems. Wood Rodgers’ field work included threatened and endangered studies for plants and wildlife, a noxious weeds assessment, Class I and Class III Cultural Resources Inventory and wetlands delineation. The environmental studies were compiled into an environmental constraints report for project planning and permitting strategy purposes. An environmental constraints map was developed to assist the design team with avoiding impacts to sensitive resources and to direct permitting requirements which Wood Rodgers will be charged with facilitating. Wood Rodgers has represented the County at Neighborhood and Community Advisory Board Meetings and has submitted permit applications and requests for compliance concurrence for a County special-use permit among others.

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