The Wood Rodgers full-service surveying and mapping group performs aerial and terrestrial land surveys, control surveys, bathymetric surveys, and High-Definition Surveying (HDS) laser scanning. The group prepares plat and legal descriptions and utility and title ownership maps. Our surveys are performed using traditional surveying equipment, GPS-based equipment, and Unmanned-Aerial Systems (Drones).


Identify and accurately define difficult terrain features using equipment appropriate for the site conditions. Our work products are produced in 3-dimensional surface terrain maps ready for incorporation into the latest design and analysis platforms including AutoCAD 3D, GIS ArcMap, and a full suite of numerical modeling applications.


Topographic and boundary mapping, American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey, plats, Records of Survey, parcel maps, final maps, lot line adjustments, condominium maps, and annexation maps.


Construction staking, quality-assurance surveys, control point establishment, quantities calculations for progress payments.


Enable spatial awareness through the science of location. Spatial analysis, data management, field data collection and integration, application development. We are an esri Silver Partner, ArcGIS Marketplace Provider, and Release Ready Specialty Partner. Click here for more info.


UAS work includes both fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft that can be deployed for site reconnaissance, aerial photography, and topographic surveying and mapping. The ability of an unmanned system to capture aerial imagery and 3D spatial data provides accurate, safe, and economical information in support of engineering analysis and design.

Yerington-Anaconda Mine

Project Case Study

Anaconda Mine

Yerington, Nevada

Wood Rodgers provided aerial mapping services for this 6,000-acre former copper mine, the Anaconda Mine site. The Anaconda mine has a productive mining history, but recently has a trouble past of environmental neglect. Aerial topographic and planimetric mapping, along with orthorectified imagery was provided to develop maps being used for environmental remediation and clean-up. An unmanned Aerial System (UAS) was used to collect survey-grade data in the difficult and variable terrain where traditional survey methods would cause safety issues and lengthy delivery times. Our team was able to save time, save budget, develop methods to accomplish the task(s) under adverse conditions, with data that is verified by licensed land surveyors and certified photogrammetrists. The environmental clean-up of this site has been in the public eye and Wood Rodgers sincerely hopes these mapping products will help engineers mitigate the adverse conditions at this mine and the surrounding community.